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December 3 – 2013 | One Comment

Putin and the New World Order
With the growth of China and India the world is currently undergoing an unprecedented shift in economic power from West to East. As a corollary, a similar yet less visible shift is occurring geopolitically. In the last decade this latter shift accelerated as Vladimir Putin, Russia’s autocratic President, pivoted from Western integration to Eastern expansion.
The …

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Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Fordham Law Women

February 11 – 2013 | 15 Comments

In my first week at Fordham Law School this past fall, I was excited to see that one of the student groups was Fordham Law Women. I eagerly joined, thinking that here was a place for women to share experiences and ideas, and explore the challenges that face women in law. Other than an invitation to meet with upper class …

Fordham Law Students Aid Sandy Relief Efforts

February 5 – 2013 |

When Hurricane Sandy hit, it didn’t take long for Fordham Law students to jump into action.
Even during the storm, student Prescott Loveland was driving back and forth between Fordham and his seaside hometown of Brick, New Jersey distributing donated goods, documenting the devastation, and hunting down gas. Meanwhile, student leaders from the Stein Scholars public interest program and the Disaster …

Fordham’s Birth Control Policies Raise Questions About Public Funding

February 5 – 2013 | Comments Off

Fordham student health insurance, in compliance with state and federal law, covers contraceptives. However, because Fordham follows rules promulgated by Catholic bishops, the University prohibits the actual distribution of birth control prescriptions at campus health centers. This policy has inspired discontent among reproductive rights advocates within the Fordham community who believe that hindering access to birth control, even if the …

Law Review: Super Bowl XLVII

February 5 – 2013 |

In the Court of Public Opinion,
IN ERROR to the Super Bowl XLVII officiating crew, to review a judgment of incomplete pass in vicinity of the End Zone.  The judgment of the officiating crew is reversed, and the cause remanded to the 2 Yard Line of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for further proceedings.
Mr. James J. “Jim” Harbaugh and Overturned Bowls Of Chips …

Ex Officio: Super Bowl XLVII

February 5 – 2013 |

–Austen Ishii

Disaster Relief Network Plans to Follow up Survey in Haiti

February 5 – 2013 |

Images of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010 reminded the world of the wreckage Hurricane Katrina left when it struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. The same commitment that brought the Disaster Relief Network to New Orleans continues to bring us to Haiti and Since 2010, Fordham students have returned each year.
Last March, Fordham students partnered with the Institute for Justice and …

Fighting Fordham For Better Law Student Health Insurance

January 30 – 2013 |

Last year, fed up with the inability to pay for a doctor’s visit, a group of five law students began working to improve the health insurance that Fordham offers to its students. We organized a meeting on November 16, 2011 with the Dean of Student Services, Gregory Pappas, and Fordham’s health insurance broker, Joseph Seufer of USI Affinity Collegiate Insurance …

Con Law Exam Mishap Opens Debate Over Grading Policy

January 30 – 2013 |

Three weeks into spring semester and well after the grade submission deadline, several Fordham Law students are still missing fall grades. But for students in one Constitutional Law class, the issue was having too many grades. After confirming allegations that the professor recycled questions from prior exams available to only some students in the class, the Office of Academic Affairs …

Law Review: Django Unchained

January 29 – 2013 | Comments Off

Jamie Foxx stars in the new film by Quentin Tarantino, which advertises itself as “The New Film By Quentin Tarantino.” In case you are not an 18 to 34 year old fanboy and don’t know what that means, you are going to watch top tier actors dropped into a story that screams “direct to DVD,” start working you over with …

Fifth Annual Fordham University School of Law “Gunner Games” Approaches

January 29 – 2013 | Comments Off

This February marks the fifth annual and highly anticipated “Gunner Games” at Fordham Law School.  The “Gunner Games” are an annual event where one male and female student from each of the 1L class’s 12 sections are selected to compete in a televised battle to the death.  The Gunner Games were first instituted by Fordham Law administration in 2008, in …