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December 3 – 2013 | One Comment

Putin and the New World Order
With the growth of China and India the world is currently undergoing an unprecedented shift in economic power from West to East. As a corollary, a similar yet less visible shift is occurring geopolitically. In the last decade this latter shift accelerated as Vladimir Putin, Russia’s autocratic President, pivoted from Western integration to Eastern expansion.
The …

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Book Relocation Signals Beginning of Move to New Building

September 17 – 2013 |

Over the summer, nearly 350,000 books from the Fordham Law Library were moved to their new permanent location at the Quinn Library, which is located on the ground floor of the Lowenstein building at the Lincoln Center Campus.
The move was the first step in the Law School’s relocation to the new campus. The full move is expected to begin on …

Why Two Years of Law School Isn’t Enough

September 17 – 2013 |

A debate within legal academia has been spurred by the recession, the increased outsourcing of legal jobs and use of technology, and decreased demand for new lawyers in the legal market. That debate is seeking to answer the question, “how long should law school last?”
A small but vocal minority has suggested reducing law school to two years—and they’re not proposing …

Fordham’s Moores Finish Intra-School Competition

September 17 – 2013 |

Every fall the Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center hosts its intra-school competition at Fordham University School of Law. The Moores compete on a national level in approximately fifteen competitions every year. Students earn a spot on the team through the summer or fall intra-school competitions and are required to complete the fall competition even if they’re accepted in the summer …

F*ck Boats Returns for a Second Year

September 8 – 2013 | 4 Comments

On October 18, the Cornucopia Destiny, the vessel which has functioned as the venue for the Fordham Law Boat Cruise for the last several years, will once again set sail, offering students and guests a fun-filled evening of drinking, dancing and snacking. Paying $45 (or $65 for guests) for three hours of revelry on the Hudson—with the cityscapes of Manhattan …

Faculty Award Winners to be Honored at Graduation

May 16 – 2013 |

Each year before graduation, Fordham Law students honor individuals in the Fordham community.  This year, Professor Joseph Landau was selected as Teacher of the Year, Judge Richard J. Sullivan was named Adjunct of the Year, and Hillary Exter, Director of Student Organizations and Publicity at the Public Interest Resource Center, was given the Eugene O. Keefe award.
Landau, famous for his …

Dean Martin Comments on Fordham Law’s Nine-Place Rankings Drop

May 14 – 2013 |

In March the US News and World graduate school rankings listed Fordham Law at 38 out of 194 law schools, a nine-place drop from the law school’s place at 29 in 2012. This year, Fordham tied with University of Arizona (Rogers) and University of California-Davis.
Several specialty programs received consistently favorable US News rankings, including the dispute resolution program (12), clinical …

Evening Student Struggles with Administration Over Unclear Policies

May 10 – 2013 |

In January, Sarah (her name has been changed to protect her privacy) began petitioning administrators at Fordham Law to take her Constitutional Law exam early, but her request was repeatedly denied. According to the Registrar’s rules governing examinations, students can only take exams up to one day early, and only for religious reasons. Sarah requested to schedule her exam a …

Law Review: 42

May 6 – 2013 |

Watching 42, Brian Helgeland’s film about color-barrier breaking baseball player Jackie Robinson, leaves viewers with a number of questions. Why, for instance, have we waited so long for a major Jackie Robinson biopic? There have been a few attempts to tell the story of his life, but it has been a while since one of quality came out. Robinson played …

Preet Bharara: Fordham’s Graduation Speaker

May 6 – 2013 |

On May 19, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Mr. Preet Bharara, will deliver the commencement speech for Fordham Law School’s 106th graduation ceremony. If you would like a relatively short, and decidedly bland, bio of Preet, you can check out the official Fordham Law description. On the other hand, if you’d rather find out what …

Right to Choose?

April 28 – 2013 |

During the past two years, the right to choose has experienced an unprecedented attack at the state level.  Several states have passed laws that limit access to abortions or effectively ban abortions completely.  For example, North Dakota recently enacted a law that bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detectable—as early as six weeks into pregnancy.  Arkansas adopted a similar …