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December 3 – 2013 | One Comment

Putin and the New World Order
With the growth of China and India the world is currently undergoing an unprecedented shift in economic power from West to East. As a corollary, a similar yet less visible shift is occurring geopolitically. In the last decade this latter shift accelerated as Vladimir Putin, Russia’s autocratic President, pivoted from Western integration to Eastern expansion.
The …

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Evening Student Struggles with Administration Over Unclear Policies

May 10 – 2013 |

In January, Sarah (her name has been changed to protect her privacy) began petitioning administrators at Fordham Law to take her Constitutional Law exam early, but her request was repeatedly denied. According to the Registrar’s rules governing examinations, students can only take exams up to one day early, and only for religious reasons. Sarah requested to schedule her exam a …

Stateless in the Dominican Republic

March 31 – 2013 | One Comment

On March 12 and 13, protestors, drum circles and reporters lined the road facing La Plaza de la Bandera, one of the main traffic hubs of Santo Domingo and the patriotic symbol of the Dominican Republic. It is a simple, imposing  arc monument surrounded by Dominican flags. La Plaza faces the Junta Central Electoral, the Dominican Republic’s Civil Registry building, …

OCI by the Numbers

March 25 – 2013 |

Students have felt the brunt of a tight legal hiring market in recent OCI seasons.  While the OCI process at Fordham is almost exclusively about larger firm hiring, it is undoubtedly a bellwether for the legal job market in general.  According to NALP numbers, between 2007 and 2011, as big firm hiring shrank, the total number of government public interest …

Credit Where Credit’s Due—Journal Staff Face Cuts

March 5 – 2013 | 5 Comments

The Administration’s recent decision to significantly amend the allotment of credit for participation on journals has taken Fordham Law and the Garden Level by storm. Under current credit distribution practices, journal staff members receive a single credit in their spring semester for their work, while the editorial staff receives three credits, each semester, for their contributions. The 2012-2013 academic year …

Fordham Law Groups Take On Trafficking Laws

February 19 – 2013 |

Though sex workers’ rights have been a focus of Leitner Center’s International Human Rights Clinic for the past five years, only recently has the conversation about those rights been extended to the larger Fordham Law community. Professor Chi Mgbako, an advocate for sex workers’ rights, hosted panels in both the fall and spring semesters to address the recent trend within …

Fundraising Through the Maze

February 19 – 2013 |

Getting a table in the cafeteria for a student group these days is like finding a paid internship: it ain’t easy. There are bake sales, candygrams, iPad raffles, and date auctions alongside BARBRI and Kaplan representatives slinging bar review courses, and it seems like every Thursday night is a different fundraiser at Lincoln Park.
But student groups rely on fundraising to …

Fordham Law Students Aid Sandy Relief Efforts

February 5 – 2013 |

When Hurricane Sandy hit, it didn’t take long for Fordham Law students to jump into action.
Even during the storm, student Prescott Loveland was driving back and forth between Fordham and his seaside hometown of Brick, New Jersey distributing donated goods, documenting the devastation, and hunting down gas. Meanwhile, student leaders from the Stein Scholars public interest program and the Disaster …

Con Law Exam Mishap Opens Debate Over Grading Policy

January 30 – 2013 |

Three weeks into spring semester and well after the grade submission deadline, several Fordham Law students are still missing fall grades. But for students in one Constitutional Law class, the issue was having too many grades. After confirming allegations that the professor recycled questions from prior exams available to only some students in the class, the Office of Academic Affairs …